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Re-Finish your pool with distinction!

We offer a wide array of colors and textures to make your Pool Beautiful Again!
From Pebble, to silky smooth quartz, or even striking glass beads – you’ll find a finish to Love for Years to Come!

Glass Tile

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Not Just Any Tile - 

Ceramic Tile

The OceanScapes and Aquascapes TIle product is Npt [National Pool Tile] Oceanside Glasstile.

The Glass and Stone are hand selected and blended, to pair up with the various surfaces. 

custom glass tile is an elegant compliment to any wetedge Pebble or quartz finish.
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Beautiful Pebble and Quartz Pool Finishes

At, we get plenty of questions from our customers about their aging gunite swimming pools:

What are some options to give my older pool a second wind?

What are the signs my pool needs a renovation?

How much does it cost to resurface a pool?

If I need to resurface my pool, how long will it take?

In many cases, pool resurfacing can do wonders for your aging pool and bring it back to life.

That said, here are some telltale signs resurfacing your gunite pool is well overdue.
Texture - 

How does your pool surface feel?

If it feels rougher than you think it should or if the gunite is beginning to show through, well, that’s a huge red flag.

Your pool surface is deteriorating. And it will only get worse.
Does Your
Pool Need 
3 Signs
It’s Time To Consider 
Resurfacing Your  Pool - 
Like your home’s roofing or driveway, time can definitely take its toll on your inground swimming pool.

Wear and tear on a pool over an extended period of time is somewhat unavoidable; especially when it’s exposed to high and Low temperature cycles, pressurized water and disinfecting chemicals year after year.
Leaks - 

How well is your pool holding water? The likelihood of a worn out or damaged pool surface leaking water is very good.

Do you find yourself asking: “Didn’t I just add water the other day?” That might indicate you have a leak.

And much like a deteriorating surface, pool leaks will only get worse if left unaddressed.

And that also means your water bill will keep going up, and up, until a full resurfacing is done.

​Please remember...Refinishing your pool will not guarantee the leaks are addressed.  There may be pipes under-ground cracked, and/or leaking too!  
Stains - 

Stains come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Generally, a stain on your pool’s surface is superficial damage — many times more annoying than serious.

But just like that stain on your favorite shirt, we understand just how irritating a pool stain is when it becomes the one thing that catches your eye every time you’re near your pool.